Omaha Fashion Show: VIP Spring Runway Show

This past Saturday, Kiley {A Sequin Dress at Breakfast} and I trekked over to Omaha, NE for Omaha Fashion Week. Omaha. Fashion. Week. This is what we like to call juxtaposition.   Omaha Fashion Week is under the direction of Nick and Brook Hudson and the duo, along with their team, successfully kicked off their 2011 Fashion season with the VIP Spring Runway Show.  This Spring Show begins a series of events leading up to the largest Midwest Fashion Week held in Omaha, August 22-27.  Saturday’s catwalk  featured 12 designers out of 50 designers that will show in August and was hosted at Nomad Lounge.  The designers included:  Jessica Seeley, Shannon Hopp, Jane Round, Emma Erickson, Kate Walz, Yolanda Diaz, Kevin Steward, Chessna Fernald, Tiffany Headley, Zara Gonzalez, Audi Kuiken, and Sabrina Jones.

While some designer’s collections were exaggerated & over the top with costume and theatrical influences, there were a handful of a select few pieces I was itching to get my hands on.  Draping and floral print was a definite trend on this catwalk and I was definitely wishing for a few of my own pieces from each of these Spring 2011 collections– Jane Round, Shannon Hopp’s Spano LangJessica Seeley, & Emma Erickson.  I was most impressed with 14-year-old (!!!) Kate Walz’s collection Just Because by Kate Walz.   She began showing her collections last year at the young age of 13 and has continued to evolve as a designer, my favorite piece of her’s was a sequined pink maxi dress.  Accessories remained minimal, focusing on gorgeous flower accessories, be that a vintage felt bouquets, floral ruffles, or  headpieces by Princess Lasertron.  Jewelry featured on models can be found at Sarah White Jewelry.

Emma Erickson

Spano Lang by Shannon Hopp

Jessica Seeley

Jane Round


Just Because by Kate Walz

Tiffany Headley

for more information about omaha fashion week:


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