GO International Target Collection

After lusting for dress after dress from Target’s GO International Collection, I hightailed it to the store last Sunday.  Although the Super Target near me didn’t have all of the dresses off my list, which was maybe a good thing for my wallet,  I ended up with these two lovely numbers.  Every other dress I tried on seemed to fit oddly.  Too short (which I’m 5’3″ and it was still too short), or too thin of material.

This Rodarte dress was the best fit and a perfect dress for spring.  The striped Libertine dress was my favorite, so happy that had just one dress in my size.  I still feel the dress was a bit on the shorter side, so maybe not to one to wear into the office, but I’ve already been planning outfits in my head for those summer days that lay ahead.

Did you end up finding the perfect GO International Target Collection dress? Let me know about it!


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6 responses to “GO International Target Collection

  1. Yay! I’m glad you found those two. I tried on the Rodarte dress in a size a little too small, but I loved it. I am working on a similar post for my blog, showcasing the two dresses I got!

  2. I got the jovivich/hawk floral print dress! it’s sooo cute! love the ones you got as well! so cute!

  3. I just blogged about this too! I went yesterday and they were all picked through, but I was still overwhelmed with choices and forced myself to narrow them down to 3. One of which was the Rodarte one as well! I love it! I also got the floral Tucker dress, and the color block shift by Thakoon. Such a great collection!

  4. Giving away a fabulous watch on my blog! http://www.notedmoment.com Check it out!!

  5. I bought the Rodarte dress the first time around, and I absolutely love it!! Great choice! :)

  6. Great finds! And I love the shoes on the last one!

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