To My Dearest  Loyal Readers,

I was working late tonight [I know this obviously isn’t me working right now–but I just finished my project :)]  and realized this would be a perfect opportunity to let you know that I’m currently without a personal computer of any sort until I get a new battery.  I ordered one, thought life was good, but alas, technology, you never ceases to amaze me–the battery worked, but then fell out–doesn’t stay locked in place.  I might as well go back to using that handy-dandy little type writer.

So bear with me (yup-totally just googled ‘bear with me’ vs. ‘bare with me’–‘bear’ is the proper use of the word, as I am not asking any of you to undress with me)–no new posts for the time being.  But exciting things ahead–a new blog makeover–so get excited!!

PS. Since I’ve been so busy with work and family things, and without a computer. I’ve finally caught up on my DVR shows.  OMG–I <3 lonely boy & b.  Just throwing that out there, that’s all. :)


the brunette one


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  1. I just caught up on GG last night! I love lonely boy and B’s quirky friendship, but i’m not sure how I feel about romance… weird! Is it true this is the last season? I hope not…

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