Dan-T-Chan Vintage

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better then the thrill of the hunt.  Scouring through racks and racks of clothing at Goodwill and thrift stores and finally finding THE perfect piece–be that a shirt, dress, skirt, sweater,or that just your size pair of Christian Louboutins.  The beauty of Dan-T-Vintage is they have taken the hassle out of all that searching when you just don’t have time to spare.  Every piece listed on their website is perfection.   One jacket that has topped my wish-list would be the Emerald Blazer (inspiration from Alicia Fashionista).  I just found a great pair of faux leather leggings and they would go perfect with the Mardi Gras sequined T –perfect match for the upcoming celebration.  I had the chance to talk to the owner of Dan-T-Chan Vintage, Jim.  Here’s what he had to say…
What is the process you go through to find the authentic, vintage pieces at Dan-T-Chan Vintage?
It’s an hours on end search process.  A lot of people dontate things, as well as going out and searching thift stores and goodwill to find the perfect pieces.
What inspired you to open your own vintage clothing store? What previous job experience did you have that led you to this position?
 I love vintage clothing.  I love the whole bringing it back to life and putting your own spin on it.  Making it something special to you and changing the fashion world all at the same time.  My jobs before this have nothing to do with this, but I have some retail experience.
How do you select the pieces you sell in your online store?  Do you have a particular person in mind that you shop for?
I normally go out with my one of my close friends.  She is actually one of the models for our photos.  We just either schedule a time to go out or randomly find our pieces scowering across the city.  I have been reaching out to more people as well as more locations.  I really don’t have a person in mind, just pick something up and envision if I can see it in the past and how it would work in today’s world.
What advice do you have for someone who wants to open up a store showcasing vintage pieces?
Have a direction and know what you are choosing.  Everything is not vintage.Vintage is not something that was just in style 5 years ago. Don’t be scared to open up your imagination.  Expand and grow.  Trust yourself.
Who are your favorite designers?
Recently I have started to like B-Rude by Boy George, it pushes the edge.
What is the meaning behind the name of your store, Dan-T-Chan Vintage?
When in actuality I make up a lot of lingo, and put it into my vocab. So this happens to be one of them. I have bad hearing, so when Danity Kane first came out, my friends were real hype, and were singing it every day in my apartment etc. I was like “LISTEN I don’t know who or what a ‘Dan-t-Chan’ is but I’m tired of hearing about them.”


What’s your favorite Dan-T-Chan piece?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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