Spotlight: Sarah Leora

New Yorker. Fashion Designer. High School Senior.  Sarah Silverman is an extremely talented young woman.  She began saving up for her own clothing line, Sarah Leora, when she was only 13 years old. Sarah spends her weeks studying and living the life of a normal teenager, but spends her weekends taking the bus into the city to work on her line.   Her current collection inspired by French actress Catherine Deneuve, is feminine and girly–ruffles, lush fabrics, pastels, and intricate details.   Sarah says, “Since I have the SAT’s this year I haven’t started my next collection, sadly, but I have a few sketches I’ve been drawing. My favorite piece is probably Mon Jolie Ballerina, it’s so girly and cute!”  Her advice to emerging young designers, “It’s all about practice.  There will be people out there who won’t like your clothing, but as long as you’re proud of your collection, nothing will stop you.” says Sarah to Discovery Girls.

Mon Jolie Ballerina:

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Sarah Leora:



black dress


Like what you see?

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  1. that is one talented girl! i love the first two dresses especially, and the one-pieces in the top photo. thanks for sharing!

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