Refinery 29 for “The Next Style Blogger”

I entered myself into a contestant sponsored by Refinery 29 and CoverGirl to become Refinery 29’s  The Next Big Style Blogger and I need your help to get YOUR votes! Please click this post and scroll down till you find me, Samantha from The Brunette One, then click the heart next to my name. It takes just 5 seconds of your time! Then write me a comment below to let me know you’ve supported me in this competition.  Thank you all so much!!! :)

HOW: Sign in via Facebook and then click on my picture
WHY: Because I love you guys!





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5 responses to “Refinery 29 for “The Next Style Blogger”

  1. I voted for you! :)

    And I will from my roommates computer too!

  2. voted!!!!

    i hope you win, but no matter what — your blog is amazing — it sucks me in!!

    miss you!

  3. Jamie

    Voted!! Wish I could vote more than once! :) Good luck!

  4. Rachel

    I voted! and it tells everyone on fb!

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