hum•ble•cock /ˈhɅm bəl ˌkɒk/ n. 1  a quietly confident individual who does not brag or otherwise flaunt his successes     2  one who chooses to forgo arrogance in favor of modesty

The past month I’ve been blessed in getting to know a family member of mine.  I was complimenting his thermal and hoodie he had worn to dinner and he informed me that it was from his clothing line he started with a group of friends–Humblecock.  This clothing company has started off small, but I have a feeling it will be going places in 2011.  The idea of this clothing line with an intriguing name started off over a round of drinks, and lets be honest with ourselves, most great ideas do.

The founders had this to say, “The talk started with the usual: girls, sports, business, life; but after a few more pints it transpired into a certain list of “rules” of what it meant to be a man.  (And if we bothered to write any of those down, we’d share them with you here. Alas, we didn’t bring a pen.)  But the one rule we all remember is this: confidence and humility walk hand-in-hand.  This is a brand that’s humble by name, confident by nature.  Wearing Humblecock is more than simple fashion—it’s a choice: a choice to forgo arrogance in favor of modesty; to leave the herd and take command.  Humblecock is made for the bold individual who demands the highest quality both in himself and in the clothes he wears.  It’s all in how you wear it. Wear it well.”

Add them on Facebook and visit Humblecock on the web.


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