the fur story

We have Rachel Zoe to thank for this old retro look exploding back onto the scene and while browsing my image archive for inspiration for today’s post, I realized I’ve been hoarding quite a few images of lovely ladies all dolled up in their faux fur stoles and vests.  It would be safe to say that my love of faux fur vests started out with Erica Domesek’s DIY on Faux Fur Vests.  I recently purchased my own fur vest (hopefully arriving by the end of this week) from this fabulous site, Crush Luxe (Genevieve has great taste and a knack for finding designer duds at very, very discounted prices –you can even spot the vest I bought in some of her photos)!   Check out my inspiration below for my latest drool worthy accessory.


*all images are not mine (found searching blogs & google)



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4 responses to “the fur story

  1. very chic. love the last image!

  2. LOVE the first image! Must recreate this look asap! ;)

  3. i asked for a fur vest for christmas! fingers crossed i get it! so in love with these pics! great post!

  4. Sarah

    Great find on the vest!!

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