Working Girl

There has been a lull in my posts lately, and for that, I apologize! It is not without good reason.  I am no longer a recent graduate, but a working girl!  It’s been a hectic few weeks interviewing & playing the waiting game. But it’s true what they say, patience is a virtue.  And my one piece of advice to any other job seekers, don’t settle for less, hold out for what you want.  This means however, I need to update my professional wardrobe.  My office (eek!) has dress code, but we can wear jeans on Fridays!

9-to-5 Inspiration:

gant by michael bastian via nymag

via unknown

tory burch via ny mag

via cubical chic

I have 2 weeks until I start my new job, so bear with me as I am in the midst of preparing for my new position, organizing my closet (an ongoing project), and figuring out the real world!





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2 responses to “Working Girl

  1. love this post! and i’d kill for that tory burch number… but congrats, girly! where are you working? so happy for you!

  2. Make sure to invest in a great pair (or two) of black pants and pumps! They’re my work staples.

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