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Many times, one must compromise being affordable in order to be stylish.  But there are many options out there in the world of fashion that allow just that, stylish clothes and accessories at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.  Your first stop in this search should be Shop Mamie.  This online boutique sells items all priced under $100, “chic shopping at attractive prices”.  Today, I was lucky enough to win their “Retweet After Me Contest”.  I won a $50 giftcard towards their store!  For a girl on a budget, such as myself, they offer a wide range of tops, dresses, and accessories.  All items are hand-selected by Megan Healy and Amy Trelenberg.

Fashionistas Megan & Amy:

The girls had a Twiggy Tunic Off:

(the rules)

1. Both wear the same Shopmamie item.

2. Keep our styling ideas to ourselves.

3. Wear it in a new innovative way.

4. Reveal our outfit in the morning at work.




Love how versatile their clothes are!

So many options; here are my top choices, so far:

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Check out Style Me Mamie for 4 different ways to wear this “Call me in Crossback Dress


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(via shopmamie)


What do you think I should order?!




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6 responses to “Shop Mamie

  1. Colleen

    I totally have this teal necklace… it’s such an awesome statement necklace and totally worth it! My vote is for that (plus something else maybe?) because it can really transform any out you already own! Oh- and I saw this necklace in a different color on the Bachelor Pad last week… Just sayin’!

  2. I really like megan’s belt in the picture where she’s wearing the pink shirt. Is that also available online?

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  4. oh my goodness. so jealous!

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