the messy bun

this summer, my biggest threat has been the humidity. i know i am not alone in my battle with my moody & unruly curly hair. my weapon of defense? the messy bun. the classic bun as taken years to perfect,  thanks to my many years of ballet class. however; i am more of a fan of the ‘just threw it up’ look.

(via stockhom street style)

(via whowhatwear)

(i can’t remember where i found this beauty, but it isn’t mine)

this last shot has not only secured the most perfect, un-perfect bun, but the  full eye brows as well.

spot on.


what is your go-to hairstyle for those bad hair days?






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3 responses to “the messy bun

  1. Sarah

    How do you get these great pictures??

  2. Jamie

    If only I still had my long hair I could sport the ‘messy bun’ again :-( this summer has been miserable.. and my hair is not growing any faster!

  3. as soon as i come home from work my hair is usually pulled up in a messy bun! i think it must be because i wear my hair down so much… it’s nice to get it out of my face ;)

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