the romantics

After perusing my blogroll, I’ve come across the trailer for  The Romantics.  After watching the trailer about five times, I decided to attempt to find the book to read before the movie premiered. No such luck.  The book is sold out everywhere, I am obviously not alone in my anticipation for this movie.

Luckily, my trusty iTouch & Kindle App assisted me in downloading the book, in less than a minute to be exact.

Apple, sometimes you make everything easier.

And J.Crew is just as excited by this upcoming flick!  They’ve just uploaded a new photo shoot and behind-the-scenes video with the movie’s cast members.  They all seem to have such chemistry, don’t you think?

(all images via J.Crew)

Love the actors, love the clothes, I just know I will love the movie & novel.

Plus, any chance I get to be reunited with Adam Brody, I’ll take. :)

Thoughts? Will you read the book or check out the movie?




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2 responses to “the romantics

  1. Colleen

    This makes me want to read it AND watch the movie asap!

  2. Oh I saw these JCrew photos last week and died… they are so adorable! Katie Holmes looks especially cute. I will definitely be seeing the movie and had no idea it was a book as well!

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