be KIND.

Please help support Kind Campaign with their newest project involving the Oprah
Winfrey Network and MTV! Check out their facebook page for more information! Lauren Parsekian and Molly Stroud are 2 of the most proactive, inspirational, and determined girls who are working to make a difference in the world and they need our support! Be KIND, and help them out!!!


Please go to Kind Campaign for all the details && read the following message from Lauren and Molly:

“We would love for you to write to the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) network and MTV about why they should support Kind Campaign. Our meetings with them are to see if they can help with post production funding and distribution on the doc. Most importantly, we are looking to get support/funding for our upcoming Fall school tour. They have also both expressed interest in shooting a show about our second tour. But they need to know why this is important FROM YOU!We already have tons of schools booked for the tour and we want nothing more than to bring our finished film and our assembly program to girls all over the country. In the last 8 months we have spoken in over 60 schools and organizations all over the country and we have seen the immense effects of our efforts. Unfortunately, without funding its going to be very difficult to do this 3 month school tour.

Let OWN and MTV know why they should support our documentary and school program!!! You can even just copy and paste what you say for both links! HERE ARE THE LINKS TO WRITE IN TOO!


MTV LINK (with instructions listed below):
***Instructions: you have to sign up on the site to leave your comment. It takes one minute–super easy. Once you have signed up, click the above link and you can create a new discussion thread OR you can comment on the thread we just posted:


News Package of one of our assemblies:

Documentary Trailer:

Kind Magazine created by a group of students after a Kind Campaign assembly:

Every donation helps:

Please please send a message letting OWN and MTV know why this is important and why it affects you!! Thanks so much!


These amazing women are the driving force behind Kind Campaign.


Follow Lauren, Molly, & the KC:

Kind Campaign Blog

Kind Campaign on Twitter


Support KC with these amazing be KIND bracelets.

check out more bracelets by Amanda Tyson.

All proceeds to go KIND CAMPAIGN!


Peace, Love, & Kindness :)


all images Kind Campaign & Amanda Tyson


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