twilight saga

i may be 22, but i’m allowed a guilty pleasure every now and again.

in keeping with the twilight craze, it’s time to put in my 2 cents.

team jacob

there’s just something about him. the lips. the abs. the shoulders. his smoldering gaze. his dedication. his big heart. his need to protect. his playfulness.

the list could go

on & on & on….

& compared to the cold one? puhlease.

team jacob 4 life.

eclipse was completely 100% satisfying.

i saw it at an IMAX theater, where they served beer (score!) and even had an appearance of edward…golden eyes, messy hair and sparkly skin to boot.

every fan needs to go see it NOW.

that is all. :)




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2 responses to “twilight saga

  1. Sam

    we have so much in common! sense of style, looking for communication jobs, love of sytycd and twilight.. oh, and our name!

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